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Test Results

Last night, Aura and I went out for a date. I couldn’t make it through dinner. I was lost. Incapable of conversation. My defenses down, and my eyes welling up. Completely burnt out. Never more ready to concede. The only thing clear was doubt. I went to sleep at 9 o’clock.

I woke up rested with a headache and made my way to the University of Chicago. The scans went off without a hitch. I went home and waited. At around six o’clock, I rolled into Ace Hardware to buy an umbrella. Just after six, I left the checkout line to answer a phone call from the University.

My PET Scan is negative! I am approved for transplant!

And so I got back in line. Stunned.

More soon. This is so far from over, but that doesn’t matter tonight. Thank you all for putting in a good word…

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